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Silver bin collection to carry on

By Rob Lancaster Fiskerton-cum-Morton Parish Council

Friday, 3 April 2020


Fiskerton cum Morton Contributor


Breaking news (good news) – very literally hot off the Press!!

Yesterday I indicated to you that Andy Kirk and the team were looking at ways of restoring the recycling collection. They have been able to analyse data (amounts collected, time taken etc) from 4 days of running routes with two vehicles (one driver and ‘collector’ in each). I have to say from this very outset – we need to be hugely grateful to our waste team for both their cooperation but also their zeal to deliver ‘service as usual’. After routes finished this morning, Andy has talked through proposals with our team and we have agreement.

So! As of Monday 13th (and including Monday albeit a bank holiday), usual service resumes. Residents can go back to their usual calendar for both bins. Side waste will not be collected – we cannot risk capacity being saturated in the vehicles on recommencing the service.

How has this come about? You will be asked why we couldn’t have done this straight away. In the first instance, we simply had to change to ensure distancing measures for our staff colleagues. Travelling hither and thither in vans or their own cars was just too complicated and difficult to be viable. So we doubled up on the waste vehicles – hence losing a round. We now have redeployed and trained up staff, 2 more drivers, and 2 more vehicles. The same distancing measures will apply so our crews will probably be working extended hours but 2 routes on one day should be ‘do-able’. It is only from the metric data, and feedback from crews, that this could be properly assessed and decided. Again, our thanks to them! There will be some additional cost during this period but I think you will agree that it is a necessary investment – not only is it one of our universal services for every household but it is also essential to prevent any health risks from waste not being removed. Garden waste services will not be resumed.

So, news will go out immediately so hopefully through social media and word of mouth it reaches people. Therefore I wanted you to know straight away. For those that have had emails or are on social media groups where the issue has arisen – please start posting. I include the Press release below, copy and paste at will.


Cllr David Lloyd


We are pleased to confirm that normal recycling (silver bin) collections will resume, district wide, on Monday 13th April (Bank Holiday Monday). Residents simply need to revert back to their calendar ([]( and place their bins out on the normal day. As the routes have changed, we cannot guarantee that your bin will be emptied at its usual time so please place your bin out by 6.00 am. Please also note that no additional side waste will be collected.

This service can be resumed now that we have increased the number of drivers, operatives, and vehicles, meaning staff can still maintain social distancing and keep safe. Council Leader, Cllr David Lloyd said:

“I am delighted to announce that we are now able to restore your usual bin collections for both green and silver bins. We have acted quickly by redeploying and training staff and bringing new vehicles into the fleet. Our hard working frontline crews always go above and beyond, reflecting the pride that they have in their work and the very obvious vital service we provide for all residents – my thanks go to them. Clearly we apologise for the inconvenience caused by temporarily suspending recycling collections but we had to do this to both ensure the safety of our staff colleagues and to focus on making the changes needed to get going again. I am grateful for residents’ support and understanding this last week and would remind people to please double-bag any tissues or similar items that might carry contamination”

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